Sony Hard Drive HDD Camcorder Model DCR SR300
 with an internal 40Gb hard drive

The SR300 features a 6.1 megapixel camera built into the camera, it shoots right onto the hard drive or optional sony memory stick pro duo

This camera before modification has extremely clear and high resolution imaging which rivals that of a 3CCD camera, they are expensive to begin with and are extremely difficult to modify.  I have gotten shocked 3x by the cameras built in flash capacitor which is the same as a stun gun (I learn the hard way).
After modification, the camera will have a slight pinkish tone to the color, you need to switch the camera to black and white mode in the menu, once in B&W you will get sharp and clear super high resolution imaging.
Daytime usage will give you sharp and clear images as far as 4 to 5 miles away and more, you will see things on playback that you can not see with the naked eye. 

Night time imaging either in nightshot or normal mode along with an optional infrared light source will yield high quality footage better than night vision goggles, because it is documented on the hard drive.

I will update this page of images I shot from 5 miles away in normal digital camera images, and with the SR300 or SR200.  This camera is well worth the cost if you are going to film a documentary or need an extreme high resolution imaging camera.
Extremely Serious infrared power!


This camera is  a lens modified camera the infrared blocking device is removed, it wil shoot infrared in normal mode and has working nightshot for night time usage, color infrared is possible, normal colors change a little for more info see me "about ME page for info, or message me.   This is a 100% dedicated infrared camera!

Ghost busters do not need infrared filters for night time use!


Sony Hard Drive HDD Camcorder Model DCR SR300

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  • Sony Hard Drive HDD Camcorder Model DCR SR300
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  • battery
  • Docking station with USB for downloading to a computer
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