Fake Sony X-Ray Camcorder? Nightshot does not mean X-ray Fake Sony XRay Camcorder?

Fake Sony Ghost hunting camera Fake Sony Ghost hunter camera?

New!  nightshot does not mean ghost hunting camera!

Taking an old trick and turning it into into a new con, the latest thing is the ghost hunting craze, and there will always be someone that will try to fool others! 

1) How do they do it?  create an ebay user name that sounds catchy, like soul searchers

2) buy cameras for cheap on ebay (look at their feedback as a buyer, click on a few items and you will see cameras). 

3) make an auction saying ghost hunting camera and sell it for double of what they paid to an unsuspecting buyer

How do I know if I been tricked?  a modified camera will shoot images like the ones below, the bright colored 1st picture is a normal camera.  Yes a modified camera can see through thin fabrics.

Its hard enough with the global economy being tough, but when some jackass cheats you of your hard earned money, that really sucks!

Lens modification will make a camera shoot pictures like in the 2nd picture it will be a dedicated infrared camera (the first picture is from a normal camera) the 3rd picture is from a high resolution or high definition camera.

Sony ghost hunter Camcorder  Warning! Sony ghost hunting camera

There are cameras sold on ebay that will not shoot infrared videos (xray) as promised, if a sony camera is manufactured after 1998 it has been made to NOT shoot xray videos by Sony The only way to make a camera made after 1998 shoot xray videos is to open it up and modify it.  Mine are modified!

If you think that you can just put a filter on a camera and turn on the nightshot to shoot an xray video, you are WRONG!   

This guy that uses this photo and tries to fool someone into thinking that his normal sony video camera can do this is very creative.  He is the latest one I have seen trying to fish for a fool.  The image is from a google search

A sample of someone who cheats people & another one

I really like this guy! Click Here!  LOL!


Green nightshot pictures are not very high quality, B&W infrared is the best.

I like this guy's stolen nightvision  picture from google images and trying to sell his camera off as a "nightvision" device, what a jackass!



XR does not mean xray, I asked a seller on ebay  why his CCD TRV87  was an xray camera?  the stupid dumbshit said it has XR.......Sony does NOT make cameras to shoot xray.......below is a cut from a sony manual:

 People can easily be fooled, and there will always be people out there to fool them.

hen Sony found out, they changed the camcorders so that when you are in Niteshot mode, the aperture is forced to full open and slow shutter speed. The result is that if you try shooting in daylight situations when in Niteshot mode, your picture will be completely washed-out and overexposed. Further, even if you use neutral density filters or infrared filters to compensate, the depth of field is very shallow meaning that your focus will only be correct in a narrow range. Also, the slow shutter speed will blur moving objects. 

And now, the cameras if modified DO NOT autofocus, so if you try it you are screwed : (

Nightshot does not mean X-ray

Cameras made after 1998 can be internally modified, I am the only ebay seller that sells these modified cameras!  I am not trying to cheat you or fool you, I will sell you a camera that has been serviced to work as promised!  

I have been selling these cameras from 2000.  And I have been on ebay for a few years, I only sell infrared cameras. 

If your camera is a post 1998 and not modified,  you will get is pictures like in the red framed box, or in the black framed box!  Yes the black framed box is an actual picture of a washed out photo, right click for its properties to see!  You will not see an xray video, or anything!  You will not have control over the exposure, your expensive camera will be only good for regular videos.  

OK, so what if I get a post 1998 camera with nightshot, and get a filter and go and shoot xray videos?  Well, the picture will be grainy, and darker, the camera will not shoot the clear videos as desired, you will be very disappointed!

niteshot only no filter, full sunlight (actual picture) niteshot, and a 1000nm infrared filter, unmodified camera
normal camera

niteshot, modified camera, 1000nm filter

This made me laugh!

I could not believe what I was seeing until I hit record. And there was the proof that everybody was talking about. This camera really can see through clothing under certain lighting conditions. I filmed a woman with a black silk type shirt on and all I could see was her bra ! No kidding. Included are all original accessories plus the magic UV filter


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